We value commercial, residential and agricultural property. Our Recognised European Valuer (REV) status allows us to carry out to produce reports of the highest standard. We act for individuals, banks and state bodies.

We provide written valuations to cover a broad range of requirements such as:

Probate Valuation

When a loved one has passed away, your solicitor will require a valuation of property for revenue and transfer purposes.  We will work closely with you and arrange to carry out the valuation at a time that suits.  We will provide you with a written valuation for your solicitor so they can administer the estate.

Bank Valuation

We provide Residential and Commercial valuations for both homeowners and banks.  We are on a number of bank panels and we will work with your mortgage adviser to produce the report as quick as possible.  We can offer a fast turnaround on your mortgage valuation, within 24 hours if required.

Family Law Valuation

We understand that a separation is a difficult time.  It’s very important that you have your property correctly valued to assist your solicitor achieving the best deal for you.  We will produce a valuation report covering all family assets and can attend court for family law hearings if required.

Transfer of Property

This covers eventualities such as:

  • Your parents or a relative gifting you a site to help you on your way to building your own home
  • Your parents transferring the family home and/or land to you
  • Your parents/relative transferring a business/businesses and assets between family members
  • In all of these cases your solicitor will require a written valuation for revenue purposes.

HSE Fair Deal

If you have a relative that requires nursing home care, you will need a property valuation to complete the application.  Often people need immediate care and we can provide a valuation within 24 hours if required to assist you attaining the funding as soon as is possible.

For more information on the Fair Deal Scheme click here.